Upcoming conference presentations

Come see DoReCo presenting our work at three venues over the next three months! On November 28-29 we will be presenting at the GDR-LIFT kick-off meeting in Orléans, France (https://gdr-lift.loria.fr/lift-kick-off-meeting-november-28-29-orleans/). On December 13 we will be at the Workshop on Rate and Rhythm in Speech Recognition in Nijmegen, Netherlands (https://www.mpi.nl/events/rate-and-rhythm-speech-recognition-r3). And on January 2-5 we will be presenting at the Linguistics Society of America in New Orleans, USA (https://www.linguisticsociety.org/event/lsa-2020-annual-meeting).

We will be reporting, among other things, on our work with the MAUS system for phonemic time-alignment, developed by our project partners in Munich. Currently, the DoReCo corpus contains data from 40 languages, 20 of which have already been time-aligned, and many more on the way. If you’ll be at any of these three events, talk to us to find out more!